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Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit
Blaster Bottle Kit

Blaster Bottle Kit

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Want a super shot of water from your bottle?  Get one of these! 
We got pretty tired of pulling back our full-face helmets every time we wanted to get a drink from the bottle, so we took a solution from the football field and attached a stubby hose to one of our SWIG Adapter Caps on a Polar Bottle.  This little set up gives you a big shot of pressurized water, doesn't leak and definitely will help you hydrate more.
  • Includes your choice of bottle, a SWIG Adapter Cap, extra straw, two lengths of insulated hose (3" and 6") and a Comet Bite Valve
  • Awesome pressurized flow rate: no need to tilt the bottle, just squeeze the bottle and bite on the valve
  • Works especially well with Full Face Helmets as it allows easy drinking in thru mouth vent or up from under the chin guard 
  • Works great with Bottles in a Stem Bag as you can just lean forward and drink without taking your hands off the bars
  • Extra straw included so you can use it on different size bottles
  • Comes with cut-to-fit stubby (6”) and extra stubby (3”) insulated hoses, so you can fine tune your set-up
  • BPA free and easy to clean
  • Risk-Free Purchase: if you're not satisfied, we'll send you a return label and exchange it for free! 

Pro Tips:

  • For mounting on a bike, it is best to bend the straw before cutting. Bend it so its end rests in the corner of the bottle and then cut it.
  • You want the straw to be at the lowest point when to bottle is mounted on an angle, for example, when the bottle is mounted on the downtube.  With a clear bottle, just look to make sure the straw is pointed down with its end at the lowest possible point.  With an opaque bottle, line the bend of the straw up with the white air valve and then make sure both straw and valve are pointed down when bottle is mounted.
  • It is possible to refill your bottle via the hydration hose with a squeeze filtration accessory, but since the air valve is a one-way valve it's best to unscrew the SWIG cap just slightly.
  • Extra valves and straws are available separately, but in a pinch, you can also make your own straw by cutting some hydration hose tubing 

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