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*NEW* QuickStrap Race
*NEW* QuickStrap Race
*NEW* QuickStrap Race
*NEW* QuickStrap Race
*NEW* QuickStrap Race

*NEW* QuickStrap Race

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One of the lightest straps on the market, but with the same design features and WIDE footprint of our original QuickStrap.  Drop a few grams while still getting super fast access to your gear.  A little less padding, but with plenty of stickiness and strength, these featherweights punch way above their weight.  Grab a QuickStrap Race when every gram counts.  Choose from two sizes: our Standard or the extra-wide Bomber.
  • Unique double-lock strap closure: super secure with quick release
  • Inner strap mounts directly to frame and stays put, making it easier to load/unload gear with outer straps
  • Strap designed to protect both your bike and your gear
  • Grippy silicone exterior with a Velcro loop interior squeezes gear tight to frame
  • Standard size (2" wide) fits around spare tubes (plus size and smaller) or standard water bottle
  • Bomber size (3" wide) fits around larger gear and bottles (Nalgenes, etc)
  • Standard QuickStrap Race is 26g and the Bomber Race is 42g 

Instructions for Mounting on the Frame-
1. Pick a clean spot on the frame and wrap the inner section (off colored section) of strap around frame tube attaching its Velcro hook to the Velcro loop of the outer section (longest section with the logo patch).
2. Place your gear/bottle on top of the inner section and pull the middle section tight around gear/bottle and attach its Velcro hook to the outer section's Velcro loop.
3. Lock it all in place by pulling the outer section tightly over gear/bottle and attaching its Velcro hook (and the logo patch's Velcro) to the middle section's Velcro loop
4. Check contents to make sure they are tight and won't pull out.  If not tight, rewrap tighter  

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