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Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)
Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)

Double Cinch Light Mount (V2)

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Lightest Light Mount ever made!  *NEW* Silicone Base reduces vibrations and provides extra grippy and protective base for your light.
Just because these mounts are featherweight doesn't mean they don't grip your bars like a boa constrictor.  The Double Cinch design squeezes super tight and weighs almost nothing.  These are the exact same mounts we include with our Fenix lights but we offer them separately for those that already own a great flashlight and want to use it on their bikes. 
  • Universal: Fits any handlebar and any light
  • Get the Small size if your light's diameter is 1" or under or Large if it's over an inch
  • Uses cinching Shock Cords and silicone stabilizers for a quick, ultra-secure attachment
  • Double silicone grippers keep everything in place and lock the Cord tight
  • Silicone Base protects handlebar finish, provides a grippy surface for the light and is quick on/off, so it's easy to move from bike to bike
  • Superlight: 7g Small / 8g Large
  • Risk-Free Purchase: if you're not satisfied, we'll send you a return label and exchange it for free! 

Instructions for Mounting to Handlebars:

  1. Flatten the silicone band and it around a narrow part of the handlebar and attach it by sliding the nylon C-clip into each end
  2. Push silicone base toward center of the handlebar until its tight and make sure the oval cut-out is facing up
  3. Place flashlight on top of base directly over the oval hole in the base 
  4. Place center gripper over the top of the front of the flashlight and pull the cord under and around the bars placing the cinching gripper on top of the light
  5. If necessary, adjust the side grippers so they are in full contact with the handlebar 
  6. Cinch the cord with the cinch gripper as tight as possible
  7. Pull the remaining cord forward and over the front of the light, then under the bar and back over the light 
  8. Tighten the second cinch gripper next to the knot pushing it on the light and pulling the cord tight
  9. Adjust the angle of the light if necessary and you're ready to roll 
  10. Extra Silicone Base is included in case you want to mount the light to another bike


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