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Q: What size Tube Beanie is best for me?
A: We state in each beanie's description the approximate contents that will fit well in that beanie, but when in doubt between two sizes, we recommend you size up.  A larger beanie will still keep items rattle free, but it will be easier to load and unload.  Also, if you are using a heavy duty, thick tube, move up a size.  If you are using an extra light tube, like a Tubolito, move down a size.

Q: Why do you use neoprene for your bags?  Why don't other bag makers use neoprene?
A: Neoprene is a very unique material.  We think its perfect for bike bags and straps because it's durable, yet light and it stretches and protects.  But it does have some downsides - its pricey and its hard to sew.  The neoprene we use is high grade CR neoprene, which is the same neoprene used in the best wetsuits.  It stretches more and retains it shape much better than cheaper neoprene grades, but it costs about 3x more than a high quality bag material like X-PAC.  Neoprene is harder to sew because its flexible and spongy.  It also requires a special tape to seal seams against the elements.  All this means there is a lot more labor involved to manufacture these bags.  Our bags are designed to take advantage of the properties of neoprene and we try to minimize the amount of seams in each bag, but they still take more time to make than typical saddlebags. 

Q: How secure is mounting gear with the Shock Cords?
A: The Shock Cords are tested to 100lbs, so you don't need to be gentle on them.  Go ahead and crank them down so the the silicone grippers can lock on your bike and make sure the stuff doesn't move.

Q: How waterproof are the Tube Beanies?
A: The neoprene material and the tape seaming are completely waterproof, but the cinch closure on top, will keep out water spray but it's not waterproof, so best to point beanies with the closure down if you ride in super wet weather.

Q: Where is the best placement for a Tube Beanie/Gaiter on my bike?
A: While there are lots of places that can work well, it really depends on your frame design and size, your bike's bottle cage positions and other frame elements, like shocks.  We say load your Beanies/Gaiters with your normal riding gear and try out different positions and how each looks.  Be mindful of clearance issues with cranks, shock pivots, front tire, etc.. and always make sure to tuck in loose ends of Voile Straps.  Are you riding a lot in wet and muddy conditions? Then a higher placement will be drier and cleaner.  If riding in mostly dry conditions, a lower position will lower the overall center of gravity of your bike, a nice benefit. So try out where you like it best and then crank down the straps and go for a RIDE!