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Product and Shop News

Our one year Anniversary and Memorial Day, so to celebrate we are giving away a Red, White and Blue Shock Cord 3-pack with every purchase $30 and up over the Memorial Day weekend.

New size of QuickStrap is ready to rock and roll: welcome the QuickStrap Bomber.  This 3" wide strap is for big gear and big bottles like Nalgenes and it'll handle any trail beating you can dish out.

New strap in the lineup: our Bandolier Strap.  This strap does what it says - holds your gear in individual slots and straps it to your bike.  Available in 2, 4 or 6-slot models.

New lights are here.  Webshop now offering select Fenix Lights.  Our favorites are the compact Fenix E30R and the ultra compact E18R.  These include our secure, but lightweight mounts.  We love that they can save a ride when you stay out just a little too late.

1/14/2020 -
A New Year and lots of new stuff coming in the months ahead.  First up is our new Tube Gaiters.  The are just like our Tube Beanies but no top or bottoms to them.  Easy to load and mount and look great on your frame.

12/12/2019 -
New to our Beanie lineup - the Plus Tube Beanie, 33% bigger than an Original Tube Beanie, it'll fit a plus tube and more.  

11/30/19 -
Winners of our Hat GIVEAWAY: Brian Hannibal, Blake Ovard and Jacob Kellerman.  Congrats.

11/26/19 -
Two new configurations of our Quickdraw Dual Air Holster.  Now you can carry a pump on one side of your cage and a CO2 cartridge on the ther side.  Comes in Standard size for most road pumps and Big size for most MTB pumps.

11/23/19 -
New product intro - the Quickdraw Single Air Holster (Standard and Big sizes).  This sleeve with integrated Shock Cord lets you put a mini pump/CO2 anywhere on your bike frame.  Standard size will take any size CO2 and most road pumps and Big size will fit most MTB mini pumps.

11/6/2019 -
Introducing The Deuce HD to our lineup.  This mini camp shovel from theTentLab is a beauty and its the best piece of gear ever for digging cat holes.  We like how light and strong it is.  The bonus is that it looks so good and can easily be mounted on your bike.  Stocking 11 colors and adding GripTape and cord loops at no extra charge to make it even better. 

11/4/2019 - 
New Logo Patches are now in stock with either a Iron-On backing or Velcro hook backing.  Add a little Original Free Range to your packs or clothes.

10/31/2019 -
Announcing winners of our Halloween GIVEAWAY of our Logo Bottle plus choice of either Keg Glove or Bottle Topper.  Congrats to Ron Sloan of West Monroe, LA, USA and Frank Kennedy of Rossville, GA, USA and Jack Hegarty of Goodyear, AZ, USA. 

10/28/2019 -
Adding the Original Bottle Beanie to the lineup.  This follows our Original Bottle Topper introduced in August and allows you full neoprene coverage of your bottle.  We figured this was good timing as temps are starting to drop.

10/25/2019 -
Halloween GIVEAWAY to three lucky winners.  Winners will get a Logo Water Bottle and their choice of our new Original Keg Beanie or our Original Bottle Topper.  Must be on our email list to be entered.  Drawing on 10/31.

10/24/2019 -
Introducing our Original Keg Beanie to the lineup.  This is a full cover for your current Keg tool stash or better yet upcycle a used water bottle and with this Glove make it a stylish tool box for your bottle cage.

10/15/2019 -
Introducing a new product to our Ride Accessories collection - the Bikepacking Cargo Net.  This light shock-corded net attaches to a saddle or handlebar pack and gives you a nice containment area to carry a windbreaker jacket, gloves or other light items you might need to quickly access.

10/10/2019 -
Introducing two new items to our lineup.  New variant to our Original Bottle Topper - a larger size, the Big Topper, that will fit most larger standard water bottles, like a Purist 26oz.  Also introducing a new set to the Combo lineup - Bottle + Topper Combo.

10/8/2019 -
Logo Water Bottles new to the lineup.  Specialized Purist Bottles, silver with black logos, 22oz capacity with MoFlow caps.  To celebrate, we are running an October Special offering a free bottle with every purchase of $35 or more.

9/27/2019 -
Announcing the winner of our "100th Instagram Post, $100 Spending Spree Giveaway" contest - CrashCourseMTB aka Lawrence Moyse of Davie, FL, USA.  Congrats.

9/4/2019 -
New Combo offering on our website - our Super Combo includes a QuickStrap, a Quickdraw CO2 Holster and a Tube Beanie of your choice.  All at a substantial discount.  Available only here in our Shop, it's a great deal for those that want a complete set of our most popular items.

9/2/2019 -
Announcing the fifth and final week's winner of our QuickStrap GIVEAWAY.  Congrats to Lisa Coy of San Diego, CA, USA.

9/1/2019 -
Product update for the whole Tube Beanie lineup.  Now including Shock Cords for all models.  Previously only included with our Nano Tube Beanie and Multitool Stash, the Shock Cords worked so well in providing extra security and more frame placement options for the little guys, that we decided include them with all Beanies and now recommend them on every Tube Beanie installation.  So easy, so secure.

8/26/2019 -
Announcing the 4th week's winner of our QuickStrap GIVEAWAY.  Congrats to Tom Hanrahan of Clonlohan, County Clare, Ireland.

8/19/2019 -
Announcing the 3rd week's winner of our QuickStrap GIVEAWAY.  Congrats to Marc Dixon of Haslingden Rossendale, UK.

8/12/2019 -
Announcing the 2nd week's winner of our QuickStrap GIVEAWAY.  Congrats to Nick Janssen of Prescott, AZ, USA.

8/9/2019 -
Introducing the semi-new Original Bottle Topper.  Yes, we know this was an easy product launch, but customers wanted us to sell just the top of the Original Tube Beanie by itself, so who are we to argue.  Available now in Shop.

8/5/2019 -
Announcing the 1st week's winner of our QuickStrap GIVEAWAY.  Congrats to Gary Trowell of Victoria, Australia.

8/3/2019 -
Switching out our old MultiTool Wallet to something more secure and protective, our new MultiTool Stash.  Decided to fully enclose the wallet and give it a Velcro closure.  More protection against the elements in the same size/weight package.

7/28/2019 -
Introducing our latest product - the game changing QuickStrap.  This new strap provides a unique fastening system that gives you faster access to your gear than any other strap on the market.  We love it.  You will too.

6/29/2019 -
Announcing our newest addition to the Original Free Range family - the QuickDraw CO2 Holster.  Sits under any bottle cage and holds two CO2s (any size up to 25g)  Giving you instant access to your emergency air that's always there.

6/17/2019 -
Introducing our new Strapless system to the whole Tube Beanie lineup.  A cleaner looking way of attaching our bags directly to your saddle or frame using 3M Dual Lock tape - providing security and instant access to your gear.

5/25/2019 - 
New website up and running on Shopify with 3 sizes of Tube Beanies (Nano, Mini and Original) and accessories like our Neoprene Wallet, Pint Koozie and our versatile Silicone Bands.