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Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips
Silicone Lever Grips

Silicone Lever Grips

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Grips for your levers?  HELL YES!  You wouldn’t ride without grips on your handlebar, so why ride without grips on your levers?  These Silicone Lever Grips are a great way to improve the feel of your stock levers.  Recently updated grips have more coverage and the option to add some Buff Stickers underneath.  Super easy install over your levers/shifters. 

  • 100% Pure Silicone grips will fit any MTB brake levers and most shifter/dropper levers
  • Set includes 2 long covers for your brake levers, 2 shorties for your up-shift/dropper levers and Buffalo Logo stickers 
  • Easy installation: just wet levers with a little soapy water and slip on silicone grips, if applying a decal under the silicone grips, then use INSTRUCTIONS below 
  • Silicone substantially increases grip in your levers
  • Keeps the freeze away from your fingers in the winter
  • Great feel, with or without gloves, better than skateboard tape 
  • Almost no extra weight: 6 grams per set
  • Made in the USA
  • Risk-Free Purchase: if you're not satisfied, we'll send you a return label and exchange it for free! 

For best application of Decal on Brake Levers, follow these Steps:
1. Clean levers with alcohol and let dry
2. Warm up both the lever and the decal with a hair dryer, then apply decal to lever and smooth it out with your fingers
3. Wait 30 minutes and then apply soapy water to the lever and slip on the silicone grip over the lever and decal

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