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Welcome to the Range


Original Free Range is a family run gear maker and webshop based in the awesome state of Arizona.  Our passion is creating minimalist handmade items that look and perform like nothing else.  We use unique materials like Hypalon, CR Neoprene, silicone and shockcord to make the best gear possible.  Tested on the harshest trails in the Southwest USA, so you can rely on our equipment wherever your ride may take you! 

When we created out first bag, the Original Tube Beanie, in 2018 our design philosophy was simple: make a product that looks good, make it durable and make sure it performs its intended function as good or better than anything else on the market and that still holds true today.  

Functionality is paramount and that starts with materials.  If a material costs more or is harder to sew (i.e. neoprene and Hypalon), that's fine as long as it performs better.  The stretch, light weight and padding characteristics of neoprene make it worth it, same as the incredible strength and toughness of Hypalon makes for awesome straps. bags etc.

Besides using superior materials, you can design durability into a bag by reducing the number of seams, zippers and other fastening and closure mechs.  Zippers are the #1 cause of failure of bike bags, so we got rid of them.  Same with seams, less it better: our Original Tube Beanie has just one wrap-around seam.

Aesthetics are a top priority as well.  A bag isn't a good bag if it dorks out your bike.  Bikes are beautiful and anything you attach to yours should be beautiful too.  We try to blend our gear as much as possible with the bike frame and our "lighter and tighter" mantra is as important to aesthetics as it is to functionality.  

Another thing we take great pride in, is being ORIGINAL, after all, it's in our name.  Why create a product that looks like something you can buy from Amazon? Our shop contains and ton of gear that you'll only find here. 

So, if you see something on the site that might have you might have questions on, give us a call or email or hit us up on our Q&A.  Our gear is our passion, and we love to talk about it.